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At Bhutan Jungle Adventure, we excel at helping you get your vacation planned. Not just any vacation, but exceptional vacations filled with inspiring and life-enriching experiences.

At Bhutan Jungle Adventure Travels based in Thimphu (Bhutan), we are a professionally managed travel agency with our area of experience being in organizing Bhutan Holiday Tours for all local and international guests.


Bhutan Jungle Adventure Travels welcomes you to Nestled high in the Central Himalayas lays the Kingdom of Bhutan also known as the “Land of Thunder Dragon”, almost entirely locked from the outside world. Entrenched between India, China and Nepal, this magnificent country will enchant you for sure. Let yourself be captured by its’ pristine nature, friendly and still traditionally dressed people, ancient monasteries, unique cultural heritage, impressive customs, amazing architecture, touching rituals and rich spiritual life.

The civilization in the region dates back to at least 2000 B.C. The origin of Bhutanese, known as Monpa, is believed to have migrated from Tibet. However, the first official recording draws back the 7th century, with the arrival of Guru Rinpoche, known as the second Buddha. He brought Buddhism to the kingdom and flourished all over the country. Throughout the years he established several monasteries. The system of creating and building dzongs was continued by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. It was only in 1907 the country became more stable. Bhutan’s chiefs and principal lamas unanimously choose Ugyen Wangchuck as Bhutan’s first king. Like Namgyal in his times, it was Wangchuck who again unified the country. This is the starting point of the Wangchuck dynasty, still consisting nowadays.

 The traditional name of the country since the 17th century has been Drukyul, Land of the Drukpa (Dragon People), a reference to the dominant branch of Tibetan Buddhism that is still practiced in the Himalayan kingdom.

Bhutan is the country of beauty engulfed with wide variety of flora and fauna, amazing architecture, rich in traditions, impressive monasteries, a deeply revered king, hospitable people and unique culture. Here Buddhism is a way of living and the whole country breathes peace, tranquility, enchantment, joy and age-old wisdom. It’s also the country having introduced Gross National Happiness to the world as an alternative for the economical Gross National Product, thereby inspiring many other countries to look at happiness and development in a different, richer way.

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Under the expert management of Ms Chitra Kaflay, the CEO – Bhutan Jungle Adventure Travels has established a successful track record in offering 100% satisfaction to all guests. Our company slogan “We design Travel within Travels” reflects what we do best i.e. offer guests a travel experience that allows them to get a true glimpse of the mystical land of the thunder dragon, as Bhutan is also called. Perfection is what we aim for and it is what we promise to all our guests. For a personal touch to your Bhutan Holiday Tour, get in touch with our team any time. For a truly mesmerizing Bhutan Tour, for a memorable journey across the land often referred to as the Last Shangri-la on earth, we are the best travel agency to opt for.


All our services revolve around providing 100% satisfaction to our guests. We offer tailor-made holidays to our guests to ensure that when they leave Bhutan – they take back a treasure house of unforgettable memories and mind blowing experiences.


To be a trusted Travel & Tourism company in Bhutan by the year 2018